Friday, May 24, 2024 admin Notices 1755
We received an Order from Federal Court requesting that we post these documents in order to serve candidates from the last election. Under the First Nations Elections Act, all the candidates – successful or not - are required to be served and the appellant, Glenn Hudson failed to do so. This posting is intended to cure that oversight. All of the documentation for this election appeal has been filed with Federal Court and the hearing has been set for one day – July 11 th – in Winnipeg. Amended Notice of Application - Filed February 15, 2024.pdf Aff-Glenn Hudson (signed) 2023 05 04 w-exhibits.pdf Aff Tamara Hudson (Hudson) 2023 06 13.pdf AffAnitaSutherland(Hudson)sworn 2023 08 10.pdf Affidavit of J. Scramstead 10-16-23.pdf Affidavit of S. Bear sworn 10-16-2023.pdf