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Peguis First Nation is a Treaty 1 First Nation, located in Manitoba, Canada. With a population of approximately 10,246 members of Ojibway and Cree descent, it is the largest First Nation community in Manitoba.

The main community of Peguis First Nation, Peguis 1B, is located approximately 196 kilometres north of Winnipeg, MB.

Peguis First Nation has a rich culture, strong traditions and a significant history within Canada. The community is named after Chief Peguis. Peguis led the band of Saultaux people from present day Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario to a settlement at Netley Creek, Manitoba, and later to St.Peter’s (present day East Selkirk, Manitoba). After an illegal land transfer in 1907, Peguis First Nation was moved to its present location at Peguis 1B. 


Peguis is located 190 km north of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Peguis Flag

The Peguis Flag

The Peguis flag was created by elder, Freda Bear, in 1983. She was working at the Peguis Band Office as part of Finance Office. She didn’t like how the Band letterhead looked and how the Band Office would receive many calls thinking we were a musical Band. She asked Band Council if she could create a new letterhead, something that was more relatable to Peguis and our people, and they gave her permission to do so.

As she was trying to think of this new letterhead she remembered listening to her elders and their stories at Band Meetings about the Treaties and how the next generation needed to remember our traditions and way of life.

Freda then pulled out some markers and drew a yellow line, representing the sun shining, then a green line, representing the grass growing, then a blue line, representing the water flowing. It still wasn’t quite right so she then drew a red circle in the middle, red representing our people and the circle for life.

Once completed, she took her design to Band Council for approval, which they did. She then asked that it be made into flag since we are a nation. As she was the one who created it, she received the first flag. This flag now hangs in the St. Matthew Church.


  • Fire Hall
  • RCMP Detachment
  • Percy E Moore Hospital
  • Peguis Health and Dental Centre
  • Peguis Central School
  • Al-Care Treatment Centre
  • Various Grocery Stores
  • Peguis Mall
  • Community Hall
  • Various Restaurants
  • Custom Cabinets & Millwork
  • Post Office
  • Royal Bank
  • Arena
  • Baseball Diamonds
  • Running Track
  • Several Garages
  • Band Office
  • Elders Housing
  • Various Convenience Stores
  • Hairdressing Salons
  • Hardware Store
  • Senior Centre
  • Peguis Development Corporation
  • Laundromat

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