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The Peguis First Nation Public Works Director shall be responsible for the following:

• Planning, organization, direction and integration of the Public Works Department utilities and functions.
• Will provide expert professional assistance to Band Management in area of expertise, including Capital Projects, Community Water/Wastewater, Road maintenance and new construction, Landfill and Recycling Programs.
• Technical areas within Public Works Department
Funded areas:
o Graveling and grading of main roads
o Construction of new roads
o Operation of Water Treatment Plant
o Operation and maintenance of lagoon, sewer and water centralized area
o Solid waste management
o Landfill management
o O and M of all Band equipment and buildings under Public Works
o Snow clearing all main roads
Non Funded areas:
o Private driveway maintenance, only if major safety and health concern arise, confirmed by Medical letter/or site inspection
o Garbage collection – elder – 65 plus or request by Health Services, must be confirmed by doctor letter
Private driveway emergency cleaning procedures
o Emergency snow clearing, list provided by Health Center:
• 1. Dialysis
• 2. Ongoing care
• 3. Wheelchair access
• 4. Elders


Public Work and Roads
o Director, Rod Sutherland , Phone: 1-204-0645-2359, ext., 4023; Cell: 1-204-308-0353
o Road Supervisor – Glen Stevenson
o Grader Operator – Harry Sinclair
o Grader Operator – Ed Bear
o Back hoe operator – Maurice Bear
o Part time or on call
• Dozer, 325 Excavator
• Glen Murdock
• Walter Spence Jr.

o 204-645-2359
o Supervisor – Roxana Cochrane
o Baler/Separator
• Dave McPherson
• 2 part time staff on call

Water Treatment Plant
o 204-645-2359
o Primary Operator – Shaun Spence
o Secondary Operator – Dean Cochrane
o Standby – Mike Spence, Rod Sutherland

NOTE: All staff are trained or certified in their specific areas.

Department Areas:

– Public Works General
– Roads
– Water Treatment Plant
– Landfill


Director: Rod Sutherland
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Main office: Band Office B
Phone: 1-204-645-2359, ext., 4023
Cell: 1-204-308-0353

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