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A daily allowance of $25.00 will be provided for private accommodation, including meals. All Accommodations must be prior approved.

Assistance with meals

Medical transportation benefits may include assistance with meals when the time away from home to attend a medically necessary appointment is more than 6 hours in one day.

Breakfast is not payable for same day trips. The regional rates for meals are as fo lows:

• Breakfast $8.00
• Lunch $10.00
• Dinner $15.00

Medically/Legally required escorts may also be eligible for a meal. If the client requires a second escort for medical reasons the second escort may also be eligible for a meal.

When meals are a required component of a medical treatment, as determined by standard medical practice, (e.g. diabetes, dialysis treatment), approval may be granted for an additional meal per day/trip if it is not provided by the health care facility, boarding home or commercial establishment. When transportation is provided to Percy E. Moore Hospital, the above does not apply.


Travel is to the nearest appropriate health professional or health facility (when health professionals are brought into the community to provide the service, the community facility is considered the nearest appropriate facility).

Transportation to health services has to be coordinated to ensure maximum cost-effectiveness.

Private Vehicle Assistance

The payment of a private vehicle per kilometre allowance will not be approved when scheduled and/or coordinated medical transportation is available from FNIHB or a First Nations or Inuit Health Authority or organization. – If a client chooses not to ride in the medical transportation van, they are not entitled to private mileage assistance.

When the mode of transportation is the use of a private vehicle, an allowance of no more than 20 cents per kilometer will be used or the bus fare equivalent (whichever is more economical).

Assistance is to nearest provider only. If you choose to go beyond the nearest provider the mileage and meals paid to travel will be to closest provider only.

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